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Decathlon Wing 165
Decathlon Wing 165

My first ever kite - the one that started all this off. More>>>

Decathlon Triboard
Decathlon Triboard

The second kite, a cheap parafoil kite. More>>>

HQ Delta Dancer

HQ Delta Dancer

A delta bought for my daughter. More>>>

HQ Obsession
HQ Obsession

A good (& fairly cheap) trick kite - capable of most of the radical slack line tricks. More>>>

New Tech Pyro
NewTech Pyro

A 'trainer' trick kite - designed by Dodd Gross for learning to trick fly.More>>>

HQ Hot Pepper
HQ Hot Pepper

A small (and old) indoor/low-wind kite.. More>>>

Flexifoil Fury
Flexifoil Fury

A large precision/trick kite. More>>>

Synergy Low Wind 333
Synergy Low Wind 333

A 3 line low wind kite. More>>>

Prism Illusion
Prism Illusion Classic

An older precision / freestyle kite. More>>>

Benson Gemini
Benson Gemini

A twin spined feestyle kite. More>>>

Benson Minigem
Benson Mini Gemini (Minigem)

A smaller, more radical, version of the Gemini - also with a higher wind speed. More>>>



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