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I have packaged up some of the more interesting graphics (according to me at least) to be used as desktop backgrounds if you so desire. To save space on the web server and download time I have left them as JPEG files rather than convert them to the Windows BMP file format.


  • You can either have 640x480 or 800x600 sized graphics.
  • Open the picture you want by clicking on the link. It should appear in another browser window.
  • When it's finished opening right click actually on the image and select Set as Desktop Item... (Internet Explorer 6) or Use Image as / Desktop Background (Opera 7.5) or Set as Wallpaper... (Mozilla Firefox) and as if by magic that picture will now be your desktop background.

Different Browsers/Operating Systems

For users of other browsers or indeed other non-windows operating systems - it depends!
  • Windows users can just save the image and convert it from JPEG to BMP format using any graphic editing tool (if you don't have one try IrfanView).
  • Linux users can, I think, simply use a JPEG as a background - depending on Linux distribution and desktop manager in user. But frankly if you can use Linux as your desktop operating system you will know all this anyway!
  • Mac users? No idea!


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