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Me & the MinigemI have been flying kites since May 2000 after seeing a chap flying a kite on a French Beach whilst on holiday. I started off with a cheap Decathlon dual line stunt kite, and have progressed since there to quad line stunt (or trick) kites, other dual line kites, traction kites and even learning to make my own. That one kite I purchased back in 2000 has now turned into twenty plus kites! Beware - you too might end up like this!

Stealth Revolution 1.5Most of my early information was found off the Internet - this site (which is my own experiences - good and bad) attempts to help others who are looking into kites. I hope you find something of interest here - feel free to drop me an e-mail if you have any questions about any of the things here I will do my best to answer them.

News 27th November 2005

  • Events - Well the 2005 events are drawing to a close. However we in Sheffield Kite Fliers held a Night Flyin (in aid of Children in Need actually). See the gallery photos here.
  • Kite Making - The Stealth Revolution 1.5 - in order to make night flying easier I made a totally black sail for the Revolution 1.5 with lots of attachment points for lights, battery, glowsticks, and the like. The SKF night flyin was the first outing of this kite. Still some things to add or fix, but it looks like it will work well.

I have now closed off the old site. My apologies if you linked to a particular page & now you have ended up here - it was easier to redirect all the old pages to this home page. If you have book marked or linked to anything here you may want to update it.

KiteJan 21/3/05

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Wallpaper Flying the Benson Minigem above Calais in France.
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  • 27/11/05 Added tje gallery for the SKG Night Flyin. More>
  • 18/11/05 Added a few photos into the various Gallery sections and Download. More>
  • 19/10/05 SKF Delta Day 3 Report added More>
  • 14/10/05 Gemini info added. More>. Minigem info added. More>
  • 12/10/05 One Sky One World 2005 Gallery added More> and report added More>
  • 26/08/05 Video of Revolution Hill Top Flying added. More>
    Some new wallpaper downloads added. More>
    A couple of new pictures added to the Revolution Gallery. More>
  • 25/08/05 Cleethorpes Beach Trip pictures (finally) uploaded . More>

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