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Kite Making General Info


I have started making kites - it was something I wanted to do for about a year now but had put off since I had never attempted anything like this before. My previous stitching experience was making stuff at school in art classes - and that didn't involve a sewing machine. In January 2003 I finally decided I would give it a go - and this is what I have learnt so far.....

General Things

  • Kite Making FAQ : General questions I at least have asked myself on this subject. You might have different ones. But that's OK!
  • Kite Making Tools : The various tools and things I used to make my kites
  • Legal & Moral Issues : Even kite making has legal and moral issues. Might not be important to some, but it is to me (yes really!). After being challenged on this these are my thoughts on the rights and wrongs on some aspects. Feel free to make your own mind up.
  • Things Learnt! : and all the lessons I'm learning the hard way (by doing it....).

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