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Note September 2004: If you were following a link from a Google (or other) search or site link you may have arrived from a link to the old KiteJan site, which had a different structure to this new site. I have tried wherever possible to map pages on the old site to the equivalent page on the new site so you are transferred automatically. If you still have problems finding the requested page please use the Freefind search function on the menu.

Don't Panic!!!!

  • This site is a simple one, but best viewed in 800x600 (or higher) resolution.
  • I have tried to keep the images small and only where needed, but they do look better in 16bit colour on your screen.
  • It should work in most browsers - I have validated each page with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to try and ensure everything works.
  • Javascript is only used to display the date & time of file modification on each page, and the necessary embedded weather reports.
  • If you want a discussion board please goto either rec.kites or the Sheffield Kite Flyers Message Board - I prefer to use these rather than run a site discussion board. You can however leave me a comment on the Guest Book.
  • Please let me know if something doesn't work as expected.



  • There is no fancy stuff like cookies and things - therefore I'm not capturing anybody's personnel details on this site.
  • Blueyonder (with whom these pages are hosted) web servers log basic connection details (referring page, date, time, page accessed, etc.), as is the case on all web servers. I look at this from time to time to know how the KiteJan site is being used.
  • The third party search (Freefind) and page counter on the home page (Digits) obviously are hosted off site, so they are outside my control. If you are really worried about this check out their policies - but its fine. Really. The Guest Forum is part of Blueyonder's site tools.


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