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These are the kite related links that I use - there are loads more. For a complete list (!) I suggest using the google search engine (at and type 'kites' in and see what you get back! But as you are looking at my site you probably have already done that. Never mind....

SKF Member Sites Forums
Clubs & Organisations Shops
  • Sheffield Kite Fliers - my local club - check out the message board for anything happening in Sheffield.
  • Midland Kite Flyers - the kite club for the, er, Midlands area of the UK. They offer regular fly-ins around the country & as a member you come under their insurance scheme (wise move these days....).
  • Five Forty - Sheffield's kite shop. Great for advice and actually getting things.
  • Decathlon - the French sports shop chain (with shops in the UK). Sells good, simple, and cheap sports and basic power kites.
  • Highwaymen Kites - kites and materials.
  • KiteWorks
Kite Makers Other Kite Sites
  • Flexifoil - the UK power & traction kite maker. A good site with lots of useful information. And check out the forums - some good info there.
  • Revolution Kites - not the best site I've seen, but has an excellent guide to Revolution kite flying.
  • HQ Invento - the German stunt kite (and some power kites as well) maker. Not the most informative site there is, but does give an idea about whats out there.
  • Guildworks - the makers of the Synergy Deca range of kites.
  • Peter Lynn Kites - the maker of the C-Quad, as well as other kites, kite buggies and assorted other things.
  • NewTech Kites - makers of the Pyro as well as other Dodd Gross designs.
  • Paimpol-Voiles - french kite maker.
Non Kite Related
  • UK Patent Office - the 'horses mouth' about patent law and stuff. If you understand it all.


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