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I think it's fair to say my favourite kites are quad (i.e. four) line kites - I find myself flying these more than anything else, especially the Revolution kites - although design I prefer is the Synergy Deca.

Revolution EXP Revolution EXP

The Revolution kite. The entry level Revolution and was my first quad line kite. More>>>

Revolution 1.5 SUL Revolution 1.5 SUL

The low wind version of the Revolution (files from zero mph). More>>>

Revolution 1.5 Custom Revolution 1.5 SLE (Custom)

My first attempt at kite making (January 2003) and upgraded with the 'official' SLE spars. More>>>

Vented Revolution 1.5 Revolution 1.5 Vented (Custom)

A vented version of the 1.5 to allow flying in higher winds. More>>>

Revolution 1.5 SUL Custom Revolution 1.5 SUL (Custom)

A new custom sail for the Lightweight Revolution. More>>>

Freedom 2000 Freedom 2000 (Custom)

A French version of the Revolution design (April 2004). More>>>

Deca 1 Deca 1

Guildwork's Synergy Deca. An unusual 3D shaped kite, with different flight characteristics to a Revolution.More>>>

Custom Deca Deca (Custom)

My first attempt at a home made Synergy Deca (made in May 2003), More>>>

Black Deca Black Deca (Custom)

My second attempt at making a Synergy Deca (made in October 2003), but this time altering the dimensions and spars to improve low wind flying. More>>>

Air Bra Airbra (Custom)

The Airbra, my version of the Airbow from Benson Kites/Andy Wardley )made in January 2004). Still under development. More>>>

Kwat Kwat (Custom)

The Kwat from 'Stunt Kites to Make and Fly'. A small, fun kite, but with a limited wind range. More>>>

Papillon 4 Papillion (Custom)

Didier Ferment's Papillon quad line kite (made in March 2003). In some ways similar to the Synergy Deca, but with a different feel. More>>>

Freevol LX Freevol LX

A French designed symmetrical quad line kite. More>>>




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